Preston's Ginger Beer 16 OZ



Prestons’ Ginger Beer is made in small batches using a 100 – year old South African recipe Passed down by my Ouma (Grandmother – Catherine Susie Williams) who loved sharing her history and traditions with her family. On special occasions, Ouma would prepare wonderful confections, savory dishes and beverages from recipes passed down to her. The ginger beer was everyones favorite, as soon as it was brought out everyone was waiting patiently to sip down the refreshing beverage.  I now live in San Diego, California. with a family of my own, I decided to carry on my Ouma’s tradition. By Introducing her original ginger beer recipe to my family and friends.  Using organic and all natural ingredients and the same fermenting methods.  The final product resulting with smiles and responses received from all who have tried Prestons’ Ginger Beer has been so rewarding.

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