Taste Fall and all of its colors

Flavors That Complete Your Heart And Fuel Your Body For The Hottest Deals

October brings with itself many changes, one of which is a change in our taste buds. There is something about fall and winters that pushes us towards autumn-inspired flavors. One of the most awaited seasons, that brings some much-needed magic and inspiration. Along with the Black Friday sale! To help you fuel the right way we have listed down some Thanksgiving-inspired snacks you can enjoy.

Turkey - Thanksgiving holds a special place in everyone's heart, but one thing we look forward to most on Thanksgiving is the turkey! A juicy, perfectly balanced in flavor, and tender bird that leaves you speechless. Turkey can be made many ways, but the basic flavors it holds such as onion thyme, garlic, rosemary, and sage ensures a classic Thanksgiving aroma and taste. You can brighten your turkey any way you want, based on your tastebuds. However, turkey can easily be changed into turkey jerky! A delicious choice to keep your thanksgiving mood going.

Apple - One of the most versatile and loved fall fruit. Apples might be available all year round, but the fall flavors make them standout. Freshly picked apples are crisp, firm, and can easily be paired with classic fall touches. These include but are not limited to apple cider, caramel apple, chocolate apple, candied apple, apple pie, apple cinnamon, and others! There is no limit when it comes to fresh apples.

Pumpkin - The most loved and obvious fall flavor! As soon as the temperature starts to drop you find yourself drawn to pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin ice cream, pumpkin pie, pumpkin bagels, and others. A North American native fruit that has taken over the world as autumn special. Brings you a sense of comfort while being packed with delicious taste buds.

Cinnamon - Apart from its sweet and woody flavor cinnamon comes with a touch of spicy that leaves you dazzled. A true blessing that comes with fall is cinnamon sweet treats! When it comes to cinnamon there are no limits! You can literally sprinkle cinnamon on anything from cookies, muffins, waffles, tea, to donuts, cinnamon latte, and even crumble bars! Cinnamon is not only known for its flavors but the natural healing agents it brings. Making it the perfect fall choice for you.

Butter - The base of every delicious fall recipe starts with butter, it is one of those ingredients that cannot be substituted for another without changing the flavor profile. Welcome the fall season with some whipped pumpkin butter, cinnamon apple butter, salted caramel butter, cashew butter, moving onto every baked good you can think of to make you feel content this fall season.

Maple - A flavor that is hard to resist no matter where you come from. Its sweet sensation packed in a syrup style is unlike any other. Poured on top of hot pancakes maple syrup can change the world. Think about all the things you can easily pair maple with such as maple cake, maple scones, maple tea, maple muffins, and so many other choices! A well-rounded flavor that pairs up well with hot baked goods, and desserts.

These Thanksgiving-inspired snacks ensure you are well fed and fueled for the Black Friday sale coming your way!



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