We Wish You A Merry Christmas and  Bulging Stocking

Holiday stocking stuffers are small tokens of appreciation that are downright adorable! The process can easily get overwhelming when choosing stocking stuffers for a number of people, but to help you out we have listed down a few choices you can easily offer to anyone from that special someone, to your coworkers.


Hot Sauces - For those who love some added spice to their life! A hot sauce makes for the perfect stocking stuffer, something they will enjoy rather than tossing it away like most of the stocking stuffers they get. Offering them a hot sauce bottle tells them you pay attention, and care about what they will like rather than what looks better.


Unique Snacks - For the explorer, we suggest you pack some unique snacks that will love to try! Everyone knows someone who is open to trying just about anything and takes pleasure in the experience. Then what better to stuff their stocking with than unique snacks from all around the world. Some of the finest and best choices there are, and definitely something they have never tried before.


Nostalgic Candy - There is nothing more special than being hit with nostalgia during the Christmas season. Adding to their holiday season these candies will bring back memories they have carried within for years. Something extra special that allows them to relive some of the best moments of their life, as they enjoy a childhood favorite snack.


Flavored Coffee - You can never go wrong with coffee! No matter what the season may be, coffee is a vital part of everyone's day. Something you start and sometimes end your day with! Flavored coffee takes your caffeine experience to a whole new level, bringing you season inspired flavors in a steaming cup of joe. An ideal choice for any coffee lover, something that can last them the entire holiday season.


Collectibles - A great choice for someone who is simply obsessed with fictional TV or movie characters! Collectibles come in a range of choices going from Harry Potter-inspired jelly slugs, Bertie Bott’s every flavor beans, chocolate wands, to the chocolate frog. Stranger things inspired coca-cola bottles and coca-cola cans. Game of Thrones-inspired Oreos, and even Jones Nuka Cola Quantum Fallout edition. Depending on the individual you can offer them a stocking stuffing they will adore!


Chocolates - Chocolate is the easiest stocking stuffer that brings a smile to the receiver's face, there is nothing like chocolate; and the flavor and feeling it brings. Soothing and calming you from within, chocolate prepares you for everything. However, it's not necessary to offer traditional chocolates. You can offer anything from pocky chocolate, chocolate brownie, to chocolate soda, chocolate chip cookies, to chocolate covered churro, almond, pretzel, or even chips. Making sure you offer something that the receiver will enjoy, especially in the winter season.


These are some of the many options you can choose when looking for personalized stocking stuffers, something a little more than just the basics will make someone's day!

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